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Image dimensions

In order to perfect the look and feel of your shop, we want to provide recommended image dimensions for all of your shop’s images. While you’re welcome to upload other image sizes and aspect ratios, we guarantee that these sizes will make your shop look great.

Just so you know, the measurements on this page are in pixels, and they are ordered width x height. Unless your customers use high DPI displays, Capital scales down the images so they fit perfectly in your customers’s browser window.

For your logo image, we recommend an image 480px x 84px.

The maximum logo image size is 600px x 84px.

You can upload a logo from the Header settings.

Departments navigation image

For the departments navigation menu image, we recommend a super wide image of 1288px x 250px. We think a marketing banner or a transparent version of your store’s logo would look great in this area.

The departments navigation image enabled

You can upload a departments navigation image from the Navigation settings.

Image galleries let you display a slideshow-like block with links to your different departments, or any other page of your shop. By default, each image is a landscape-style item, but you can change any image into a portrait item. Portrait items take up the space required for two landscape items. Here’s a layout example with one portrait and two landscape items configured:

One portrait image and two landscape images items

You can configure up to eight departments for each departments section on your home page. Up to four display at one time, and customers can use navigational arrows to scroll to the remaining departments.

For more detailed setup instructions, see the Departments documentation page.


Before we get to the recommended image dimensions, there are two other possible layouts that are possible using the departments home page section. These two layouts occur when there is only one department configured for the entire section.

First, a single landscape item creates one full-width department that spans across the entire home page:

Single landscape department item

Second, a single portrait item creates one full-width, double-height department. It is technically more square than it is a portrait image:

Single portrait department item


Now that you understand the different image layouts that are available with Capital’s departments home page section, here are our recommended image dimensions:

  • Portrait item: 940px x 1268px
  • Landscape item: 940px x 614px
  • Single landscape item: 1920px x 626px
  • Single portrait item: 1920px x 1252px

Blog post featured image

For blog posts, we recommend that you use large images, at least 1280px wide. It does not matter how tall the image is, although landscape images look good consistently.

Blog post featured image

Collection image

Collection images are set up using the Shopify admin area when you add or edit collections. For Capital, we recommend that your collection image be 940px x 614px.

Collection image

For lookbook collections, we recommend that your collection image be at least 1280px wide.

Lookbook collection image

Product images

Product images are set up using the Shopify admin area when you add or edit products. For Capital, you can configure the aspect ratio for product images from the Product item settings. Depending on which aspect ratio you have configured, we recommend different sizes for your product images.

For best results, we recommend that you use images that are the same size for all of your products.

  • Natural: 880px wide, no recommended height.
  • 3:2: 880px x 586px.
  • 1:1: 880px x 880px.
  • 2:3: 880px x 1320px.

If you are unfamiliar with how image aspect ratios work, here is a diagram showing what 3:2, 1:1, and 2:3 images look like:

Image aspect ratios

For more information about products and examples of product images in Capital, see Products.

Password page background image

If your store isn’t open yet, you can stop customers from accessing it by setting up a password-protected storefront. See the Password page page for more information about this. When the password page is set up, you can configure a background image to be displayed on that page.

We recommend that your password page background image be 1920px x 1252px.

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